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Grapefruit & Orange

A fresh, zesty and balancing cleansing kaolin clay mask with brightening Orange and Grapefruit Oils.

This face mask is great for anyone that finds their skin is misbehaving. Orange and Grapefruit essential oils will work with the kaolin clay to deeply cleanse, tone and balance out excess oil, whilst brightening the skin at the same time. Perfect if you have been burning the candle at both ends!

Carrot & Avocado

A gentle, moisturising, fragrance free cleansing kaolin clay mask with nourishing Carrot and Avocado Oils.
Avocado and Carrot Oils are known for their deeply moisturising, repairing properties. This face mask is tough enough to cleanse but gentle enough to care, leaving skin wonderfully soft after use.

Pomegranate & Vitamin E

A refreshing, nourishing and cleansing kaolin clay mask, made with fresh pomegranate juice and vitamin E.

This sweetly scented face mask will cleanse pores and remove everyday dirt and grime whilst nourishing the skin with it's fruity goodness. It contains a touch of Shea butter and Argan oil to leave the skin wonderfully soft after use.

Tea Tree & Lemon

Our Best Selling Face Mask.

A spot zapping, super cleansing kaolin clay mask with Tea Tree and Lemon essential oils.

This mask is great for blemished skin in need of some TLC. Tea Tree and Lemon essential oils are renowned for their natural anti-bacterial properties and will work with the kaolin clay to deeply cleanse, calm and soothe.

Handmade Paraben Free Face Masks that nourish the skin

Face Masks

These face masks are perfect for making sure your skin gets it's '5 a day'!

Apply to the face, avoiding the eyes and lips. Relax for 10 minutes and wash off with warm water and a face cloth. The perfect weekly skin treat.

If you would like more information regarding ingredients of a particular product do not hesitate to contact us or check out our facebook page

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Our brand new Charcoal Face Mask is sure to be a big hit. Made with Cornish clay and activated charcoal from sustainable sources in the south of the UK, this mask will help to draw out and absorb impurities and toxins, balance oily skin and generally give your face a good spring clean!

We have added Lemon essential oil for it's natural antiseptic properties and it's toning, brightening qualities, not to mention it's wonderful, light, uplifting aroma. The moisturising blend of Shea butter, Argan oil and Vitamin E will leave your skin clean, smooth and nourished. Lock yourself away and give your skin a weekly treat! It's paraben free too!

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